Technology is one thing.... But this is crazy!!!


Our in-house call center does more than just answer the phone...

It provides an unbelievable amount of information about your customers!

As shown in the screenshot above, the backend website provided with our in-house call center breaks down everything about your customers:

• Who responded to your mail

• How and when they responded (phone, PURL website, walk-in, etc.)

• Where they are located (their home address, pinpointed on the interactive map in the top right corner).

• The difference in customer response rates between the ZIP codes you target

And so, so much more...

This interactive web tool, INCLUDED with our call center program, can show you exactly where your customers are traveling from to visit your events. And best of all, you can capture all this data - including the customer's contact information - and upload it into your own database for future use.

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