P3 Promotions Winners

Our direct-response mail involves more than just ink and paper. In addition to On Time Mail, we offer an entire digital suite capable of analyzing the results of your mailers while adding customer information to your database.


Utilizing a combination of PURL (Personal URL) website technology, our live BDC call center, back-end database software and USB-scannable barcodes from our in-house P3 Call Solutions department, your campaigns are fully monitored from the moment the first customer responds to the end of the event. Consumers who respond via the call center or PURL are able to schedule appointments during your event, and also enter their contact information to be added to your database. Those who bring their mailers directly to the event can still have their information added to the database with one quick scan of the custom barcode on each piece.


You can use these tracking systems to not only compile your database, but also to determine the success of each campaign. The results gathered in our systems reveal which mailers perform better in your markets, helping you focus your campaigns on the products with a proven history of success.