On Time Mail

Is it there yet? With trackmymail.com®, you know!
Now you can track your mail as it moves through the postal system! It’s easy with trackmymail.com. Trackmymail.com is a unique solution that works with any browser, providing simple, powerful reports
online that show where every mailing is in the system — and when it’s been delivered.

• Get unmatched control of every mailing
• Coordinate with other media
• Resolve delivery problems quickly—while mail is still on its way
• Measure campaign effectiveness faster

Reliable, proven, scalable, and easy to use, trackmymail.com costs a small fraction of a mailing’s total cost —
but delivers so much more control and peace of mind. Come on inside and learn more!

Precision Track™
Intelligent Mail® made Easy! Precision Track™ uses the power of the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IM™BC) to track every piece of mail to its unique destination, even when there are multiple recipients at a single address. Every piece in a mailing will have its own unique tracking number, a “license plate” that identifies it.

Update Pro™
OneCode ACS™ provides automated Address Change Service through Intelligent Mail®! Update Pro™ uses the advanced abilities of the Intelligent Mail® barcode to manage ACS™ updates electronically. With mail tracking, we take Address Change Service and make it easy to use! The required information will all be in the IM™BC. Update Pro™ from trackmymail.com® collects forwarded, change of address and nixie data and sends it back to the mailer to update address records.

PLANET codes® at their simplest. Pre-printed sets of PLANET Codes® you can use on smaller mailings,
when it’s inconvenient to print your own PLANET Codes®, or to simply try out trackmymail.com for yourself
on a limited basis.

TrackItBack Pro™
Intelligent Inbound Tracking TrackItBack Pro™ assigns a unique inbound IM™BC to every returning response
from your mailing, so you can literally track it back — the same way you use Precision Track™ to track the original mailing outbound to the recipient. TrackItBack Pro™ returns a daily notification file to the mailer and is perfect for measuring marketing responses, remittance checks, fulfillment orders and even to anticipate potential incoming revenue. Now you know…it’s in the mail!

Absentee Ballot Tracking. With TrackMyVote™, you can track the delivery and return of votes in absentee and vote-by-mail balloting programs, ensure the accuracy of your mail-based balloting methods, and provide an added layer of accountability to your absentee ballot process.